Who is Leo the Lion?

If you follow the zodiac signs of astrology, and know someone who was born between July 22 and August 21, always approach them with caution. These are people who were born under the zodiac sign Leo the Lion. Leo is of a natural masculine character, and the sign is that of fixed fire. This sign is the fifth sign of the twelve zodiac signs. People born under this sign are dominate, strong willed, protective, and dangerous when angered. Like the lion, people under this sign are very particular about their belongings. They can be kind to a fault, and expect others to be the same way. They are not the best people to deal with if things do not go their way.

One thing about people born under the zodiac sign Leo the Lion that is very favorable is that their love is genuine. They are loyal, and expect loyalty in return. If they find that someone is in need, they will give their last to help them. They have huge hearts, but watch out if you cross them. The Lion sign patrons are known for their tempers when provoked. They are regal, and have nobility in their blood. Being fair by nature, they will hardly accept any wrong doing directed toward them. Most of the people under this sign are very talented people, and they are good at what ever they do. They love attention, and they want their work to be appreciated. They will tend to brag a little because they know that they can achieve great things with their hands.

One aspect of a Leo’s characteristics that can not be disputed is the fact that they are born to be lovers. If you have a one such person in your life, consider yourself fortunate. Their love is beyond reproach. They believe in life long commitments. You may find that many of marriages that have for unbelievable years has a person born within this sign as one of the partners. You can feel safe and secure with them, knowing that you will be cared for. A person who has birth dates during the rein of the Lion likes confirmation that what they do is better than any one else. They are independently spirited, and are born to be leaders.

Other attributes of people born within the Lion zodiac sign

The lion can be fun to live with, if you just happen to marry one. They are super sensitive to the needs of the person that they love. You will be pampered, and shown the lighter side of this person. But beware, the Lion is a competitive beast. They want to out do every one else. Even if an attempted task is not their forte, they will try with forced energy to be better at it. Like the beast controls, and remains in charge of his domain, so do those under the zodiac sign of the Lion. They have a need to be in charge. Most of the time they see that all goes well, but do not dare to tell them that they are not doing a good job. They will get a little evil if contradicted. Lions want to be the ones to make all decisions in a relationship, or with peers.

Lions are creatures of habit. They want comfort and relaxation when they have completed a task. Like getting milk and cookies as a child when their chores were done, they takes that into adulthood. They love their level of comfort when they finish a task. The politics of certain matters do not come to the mind of the person with the zodiac sign of Leo the Lion. They do what they want, when they want, without any consideration to another who may want to do something different. You just stand back and allow them to do what pleases them. Some people with the Lion sign are still children at heart, and they will sulk when they can not get their way. leo the lion If everything about a person is based on astrology, and the signs of the zodiac, people would be bery predictable. But, needless to say very few people are as predictable as those born between July 22, and August 21. Out of the twelve months, the sign of the Lion is the fifth one, and the people are very much true to form, or what the astrological sign says about them. I am proud to be married to a Leo. He is a talented entrepreneur who wants to always be right. Reading information on this zodiac sign fit him to a tee. They are great people who try hard to please every one in their lives. Most people will benefit from befriending a Leo at some point throughout their lives!

Dating and Relationship Guide: Tips for Astrology Signs

How do you approach a certain astrology sign? When it comes to dating, the view of a person varies on his zodiac sign. So, if you want to hit it off and make a move to someone you like, all you need to do is to know his astrology sign, and you can follow the tips we’re going to provide shortly. Ready? Here are the zodiac dating and relationship guide for you!


For Aries, it is essential that you gather courage and self-confidence. Stop beating around the bush already. Step up and talk to him. Aries will lose interest in someone who cannot speak for himself. Therefore, you should have control of the situation. Create an appointment with him and tell him straight into his eyes that you like him. That will turn him on and will most likely make him agree to go out with you. He likes strong independent women who can speak up for themselves. You have to be one of them.


Taurus appreciates all things. Therefore, you should make sure that you’re going to spend most of the time with him. Take him to a nice place and bake him some cake. He loves staying in cozy and comforting places. Avoid taking him to fancy restaurants or any crowded place. Taurus would prefer cuddling up in bed wearing sweatpants rather than expensive clothing in a nice hotel.


Gemini is interested in talking with people who have something to say. Therefore, you should start gathering information that might interest him and use it the next time you’re going to spark a conversation with him. Gemini is interested in a wide variety of topics, but it’ll impress him if you can talk about something peculiar. Something that an average woman doesn’t know about. When it comes to learning and brainstorming, Gemini can be talkative.


Cancer is family-oriented. Therefore, you should show to him that you love your family so much. But do not fake it. Store pictures of your grandparents in your home and make your family picture a wallpaper. Tell him funny stories of your family and trace your ancestors. He would appreciate if you are proud of your family instead of being embarrassed just talking about them.


Virgo both looks on the inside and the outside. Therefore, take good care of your appearance and show him that you also have a good heart aside from a pretty face. Make sure that you are always clean, organized, and well-mannered because it turns him on. Be yourself and avoid cursing in front of him. You should also avoid any un-lady like manners that can drive him away.

There you go! Use this love advice if you want to fill the gap between you and the man that you’re interested in right now. It can help you to make him notice you and create a real connection. Knowing his zodiac sign will give you an idea what kind of a person he is especially if you are planning on dating him.

bpkg is a bash package manager

JavaScript has npm, Ruby has Gems, Python has pip and now Shell has bpkg! With bpkg you can easily install and manage Bash packages. It takes care of installing/uninstalling, execution permissions and everything so you can simply do the following:
# Installs `term` on `/usr/local/bin` (https://github.com/bpkg/term)
$ bpkg install term -g
$ term
Besides installing shell scripts globally you can use them on a per-project basis.
# Installs `term` under the `deps/` directory
$ bpkg install term
$ ./deps/term/term.sh


You can install bpkg from 3 methods:

1. Install Script

Our custom install script will take care of everything for you. Just paste the following on your shell:
$ curl -sLo- http://get.bpkg.io | bash
If you want to see what’s inside it, access it directly or check it out on the repository.

2. clibs

clibs is a great package manager for the C language. If you have it, installing bpkg is as simple as:
$ clib install bpkg/bpkg

3. Source Code

If you prefer to handle source code, clone bpkg’s repository and install it on the following way:
$ git clone https://github.com/bpkg/bpkg.git
$ cd bpkg
$ ./setup.sh install