tldr bash client

Display tldr pages: community driven man-by-example


A fully-functional bash client for the tldr project, providing poignant examples of terminal commands.


Download the tldr bash script to the install location:

location=/usr/local/bin/tldr  # elevated privileges needed for some locations
sudo wget -qO $location
sudo chmod +x $location

If the location is not in $PATH, you need to specify the path to run it.


coreutils, less, grep, unzip, curl / wget


 USAGE: tldr [option] [platform/]<command>

 platform/command:           Show page for command (from platform)

 platform is optionally one of: common, linux, osx, sunos

 option is optionally one of:
  -l, --list [platform]:      Show all available pages (from platform)
  -r, --render <file>:        Render a local file as tldr markdown
  -m, --markdown <command>:   Show the markdown source for command
  -c, --cache:                Cache all pages by downloading archive from repo
  -u, --update:               Re-download index file from repo

  -v, --version:              Version number and repo location
  [-h, -?, --help]:           This help overview

 All pages and the index are cached locally under ~/.config/tldr
 By default, the cached copies will be re-downloaded after 60 days


The colors and other styling of the 5 elements of tldr pages can be modified either by editing the first few lines of the scipt, or by setting the following environment variables:

  • TLDR_TITLE_STYLE (defaults to: Newline Space Bold Yellow)
  • TLDR_DESCRIPTION_STYLE (defaults to: Space Yellow)
  • TLDR_EXAMPLE_STYLE (defaults to: Newline Bold Green)
  • TLDR_CODE_STYLE (defaults to: Space Bold Blue)
  • TLDR_VALUE_STYLE (defaults to: Bold Cyan)

Also the error color and page expiry can easily be set:

  • TLDR_ERROR_COLOR (defaults to: Space Red)
  • TLDR_EXPIRY (defaults to: 60)


Please file an issue for a question, a bug or a feature request. Or even better, send a pull request!


Relicensed under GPL v3+

Published: February 06 2017

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